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  Little Camelot Nursery School 

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Looking for a fun, energetic, whole child program for you child? Little Camelot is the school for you! We believe in educating our little ones with the best care and attention possible. 

Our program offers learning through facilitated play to ensure each milestone your child needs to reach before formal schooling is accomplished. Our teachers are committed to your child's progress and therefore we also offer continuous assessment in order to monitor your child as they prepare for the big day!

From the morning until home time we allow creative opportunities to grow socially, physically, emotionally, and cognitively. Our program also covers all the developmental areas so you can rest assure that your child is growing inside and out everyday!


We offer full-day and half-day programs. Our class ages range from 12 months up and until 5 years. We only allow 15 children in a class in order for us to give each child the best attention they deserve.


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071 608 6063

Child Learning Focus: 

Learning through facilitated play is our priority! Our children are allowed to progress at their own pace and are given the opportunity to take responsibility for their own learning and work. 

​We Offer:

At Little Camelot Nursery School we offer whole child learning. Our program includes gross motor and fine motor stimulation as well as focusing on language and auditory skills, all of which are foundational and vital for your child to excel during formal education. 


We offer a selection of extra mural activities at an additional cost. These extra murals are presented to the children during school time. 



​We Cater for Neurodiverse Learners:

Is your child experiencing barriers to learning? We cater for learners with various diagnosis.


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