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Exceptional Learners

Bringing out the Potential in Each Learner


Whole-child approach

Family centered

Strengths-based learning

Developing functional skills

School time

2yrs - 5yrs

Full day program

Meals included

Small classes

PArent partners

Quarterly feedback 

Support meetings

Parent-teacher parentership


Speech therapy

Occupational therapy

Play therapy


Equine therapy

Individual program design

Our program includes the following research-based approaches: 

- DIR Floortime

- Sensory Based Activities (focus on modulation and sensory integration)

- Theme-Based Instruction

- Tiny Handz (allowing for gestural communication) 

- T.E.A.C.H.H.

- Alternative and Augmentative Communication 

- Equine Therapy

- Social Skills Groups

At Little Camelot Nursery School you will find a unique approach where, we as a main stream school, offer various programs dependent on the developmental needs of the child. We value a family-centered environment and social-emotional integration mixed with the focused instruction of a small class to allow learners to thrive in this rich atmosphere. We also prioritize whole-child and holistic learning in a fun, safe, and secure program. Here learners are free, through facilitated play, to explore and learn throughout the school day along with a balance of structured, theme-based learning opportunities.

Our program for learners with individual needs includes: 


A Full-day program with a facilitator for every 5 learners. Our facilitators present the interactive daily program to the class groups, allowing for lots of hands on learning and focusing on taking the child's lead.  Our on-site occupational, speech, and play therapists offer weekly group therapy sessions and are also available to present further individual therapy as arranged privately with each family. Weekly equine therapy sessions are also included in the monthly fee. 

A two day assessment is compulsory before registration. These assessments are conducted by both the school and the therapists. A group decision is made with the parents, therapist and teachers regarding placement and the unique further intervention needed. Thereafter the registration process commences and learners are able to start attending classes. 

We accommodate the following learners: 

At Little Camelot we enjoy and celebrate the uniqueness and differences of all learners. We have placed special focus on the following diagnoses:

- Autism Spectrum Disorder
- Down's Syndrome


- Variety of developmental delay diagnoses

- Sensory Integration Difficulties

- Language impairments

**Unfortunately our premises is not able to cater for profound physical disabilities**

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