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Mainstream Details


Our Policy

Here at Little Camelot Nursery School we aim for quality education and to give your child the very best. We also believe that educating these precious little ones is a team effort between the care givers and parents. we therefore commit to constantly update you on your child's progress. We also send regular communication and learning suggestions to bridge the gap between home and school. We encourage our parents to be as involved as possible during these precious years and therefore value your input and interaction with us as a school. 


Our Focus

We, as a school, focus on teaching all milestones and developmental phases through facilitated play. Our program is focused on the individual growth of each child, and laying a firm foundation (academically, emotionally, socially, mentally and physically) in order for them to reach their full potential as they head towards formal schooling. We therefore only allow 15 children per class and our teacher:child ratio is 1:8 in order to give each child the best attention needed each day. We are also a feeder school to Queenswood Christian School (QCS) and our parents get first option to enroll their children with QCS. 


Our Class Structure

Our classes are divided by age groups as follows:

1-2 years

2-3 years

3-4 years

4-5 years

Exceptional Learning - Learners with Barriers to Learning 2-5 years


Our Belief

Little Camelot Nursery School is a Christian (non-denominational) School that strives to impact the community with top quality education. We include Christian principles in our teaching and day to day interactions, and also include daily Bible reading, prayer and discussions.


Our Fee Structure - Mainstream

We offer full day and half day facilities. If fees are paid before the 3rd you qualify for a discount. Please find our fees structure below :





Image by Kiana Bosman
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